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09.11.18 1056
Life rhythm is increased, I know:
Also its frequency has d.
Who does not realize it -
Those doesn’t live long on Earth.
09.11.18 1059
Standard living has d:
All you want you can take.
If the counter shows that you are worthy,
Then you can get it.
09.11.18 626
Every problem has a lot of solutions
The best one is the simplest.
There're no problems, thresholds in solution
The result will be hard as a nail.
09.11.18 625
I understand everything with my mind,
But I can not get only one thing.
Why have I been entrusted a good many,
And others like me have not anything?
I penetrated into the Limb of the Devil
All problems here are concentrated
All bad starts from this basis
And s the structure of everything.
09.11.18 Happiness
Who has health is a happy person
And that who can get it as well.
The other people don't have it
And don't know how to live.
09.11.18 555
There are thousand worlds in the  Universe
We are visible every in them.
And we live cleaning up our doubts,
Continuing our life every.
09.11.18 556

I have a support of God
The higher reason allowed me.
To do what I'm able to do
Helping other human creatures.

10.04.18 370
All living has intelligence
It is necessary to comprehend.
To live here in the Physical world
And to survive in other worlds.
10.04.18 326
There is a real understanding
What will happen to us.
In our world and in our time,
When our time comes.
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