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The healer and his method

Welcome! I want to tell you about myself and about the meythod of God Divine Energy of Love. I'm healing from God and do everything by His command. The energy that I use in the treatment and resolution of human problems is called “The global correction of human and mankind”. It is inappropriate to say that I do the treatment because it is made by God involving human and healer.

If one the link s, the treatment will not occur. Knowledge base, skills and opportunities are great –36 books were written. What I'm doing, is unique. People who received treatment by “The global correction of human and mankind” method receive the grace of God for life, along with a healthy energy, solution of their problems, etc. God gives a chance. A person who deliberately uses it in his life - lives with a capital letter.

A person who does not use it doesn not live, but exist. I invite all of you to think about your health and relationship to God. Times have d. Judgment of God passed, the Apocalypse too and not all the people passed them, so problems with health, business, family and life occurred. 

Call, write, and you will receive a free consultation for the Express test. Treatment is not free, and it is defined by God individually for each person, depending on the problem.

Drachov Alexander - a healer of the Forces of Light

Awards: Medal “Zvezda Magistra” (I grade), “Traditional Medicine Master” rank, Madal for healer activities in Traditional Medicine, Plaque “For advances in traditional medicine”, Premium named after V.Vernadskyi, after A. Chyzhevskyi, after Y. Galperin, Medal of Honor “For advances in traditional medicine”, Medal of Honor “20 years of traditional medicine revival”, Medal named after st.

George, “For healing, honor and valor”, Cross award “Defender of the Fatherland” (I grade), Gold Medal VDNH, Gold Medal of ennio engineer, Medal “Robert Kokh” (Germany), International Order of the Commonwealth for education, Medal and Rank “Best healer of 3rd Millennium”, Member of Complementary Medicine International Register (2003), Golden sign “Elite”, published in the Encyclopedia WHO IS WHO in Russia.


Запись на тест и коррекцию методом" Глобальная коррекция человека".


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